Fairview Heights HOA Quorum petition


Interested parties have filed a petition with the Court to reduce the required voting quorum to the 12 ( or 14 ) votes that we have in hand. Here are all the documents related to that petition. The hearing will be at 9:30AM on May 25th, at the Alameda County courthouse, department 520, Judge David Hunter.

  • Complaint in Intervention
  • Exhibit A: Corporate info on the HOA from the California Secretary of State
  • Exhibit B: Fairview Heights CC&Rs
  • Exhibit C: Fairview Heights HOA Bylaws
  • Exhibit D: Owners Roster(addresses deleted to protect Owners' privacy)
  • Exhibit E: Balloting instructions
  • Declaration of Sirjit Sandhu
  • Order granting right to Intervene
  • Notice of Entry of Order granting Right to Intervene
  • Petition to Reduce Quorum
  • Proof of Service
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